About Us

Committed to delivering safe, efficacious, therapeutic treatments at affordable costs

About Us

Who We Are

Rochester Pharmaceuticals, founded in 2009, assembled a staff of professionals that have dedicated their entire careers to researching the market and identifying the need for high value pharmaceutical options. We have spent countless hours in a global search to find partners and products that help treat the most people without sacrificing quality. We tirelessly coordinate these activities and oversee every aspect of the process in order to maintain our high standards.

Rochester Pharmaceuticals is committed to developing innovative products to meet the current demands of the healthcare market. From formulation to manufacturing, our globally connected team oversees every aspect of the development of our products to ensure uncompromising quality. Our mission is to identify our customers' needs and provide them value while exceeding their expectations.

Why choose Rochester Pharmaceuticals?

At Rochester Pharmaceuticals customer demand is our primary focus. We recognize how medical costs can consume a great deal of your household budget. Our management feels that we can do more to bring products to market that are priced affordably.

Rochester Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to improving our customers' quality of life while helping to manage healthcare expenses. We understand your needs in today's changing economy and we are committed to delivering safe, efficacious, therapeutic treatments at affordable costs.

That is our goal, to get you the best value, period.